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U.S.-Mexico Institutional Architecture

What is the U.S. - Mexico institutional architecture today?

The global reality has become more interconnected over the last decades. This growing interconnection is especially relevant when it comes to bordering countries like Mexico and the United States. These two nations share a complex history of collaboration and challenges. In recent years, the reliance on bilateral institutions to maintain a stable, positive, and functional relationship between these two nations is more important than ever.

The Center for Binational Institutions (CBI) produced a framework that encloses the current U.S.-Mexico institutional architecture. Within this framework, the four pillar binational institutions from which the binational relations can be understood and analyzed are: agreements, organizations, mechanisms, and programs. The results of approaching binational issues through binational institutions are better analysis and more objective policy recommendations. 

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The BIR is an open knowledge platform for the collection, analysis and study of digital documents that support the categories of bilateral institutions that exist between Mexico and the United States.

The Center will periodically produce a scorecard that evaluates the institutional framework of the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the United States.

For its annual seminar, the Center will convene scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs, government officials, and leaders whose work revolves around the binational relation between Mexico and the United States. 

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