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Binational Institutions Repository (BIR)

Political Agreement

That establish rules that help govern the binational relationship. 


We can breakdown this category into three different levels:

  • Treaties or agreements For American Treaties to enter into force, the approval of two-thirds of the Senate is required.; for Executive Agreements, the advice or consent of the Senate is not required, but the approval of the supermajority is.; and for Mexican Treaties, the approval of the Senate is required.

  • Inter-institutional agreements - They must be signed by government agencies without legislative intervention and be limited to their established authority.

  • Statements, joint declarations or joint statements - These are public expressions of principles and intentions, primarily for communication purposes that undergo political rather than legal reviews.

The following list contains agreements relevant to the United States - Mexico binational institutional architecture across a time series. Furthermore, the mapping of this binational institutional category is a work in progress and will be updated constantly.

*In line with the principles of open data, we invite you to comment and suggest edits in all the files.


Adams-Onis Treaty


Banco Convention Treaty


American Society of Mexico


Sister Cities


HLRCC Joint Statement




MoU Texas - Nuevo Leon


Joint Statement-Cyber Issues


Treaty of Limits


De la Huerta - Lamont Treaty


Utilization of Waters


La Paz Agreement


Transboundary Hydrocarbons


Joint Declaration 2021


MoU Texas - Tamaulipas


LA Declaration on Migration


Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty


Bucareli Treay


Water Treaty


McLane-Ocampo Treaty




MoU Texas - Chihuahua




Gadsden Purchase Treaty


US -MX Unsettled Claims


Boundary Treaty




MoU Energy Information


MoU Texas - Coahuila


Engagement in Climate Change


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