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Binational Institutions Repository (BIR)


The Binational Institutions Repository (BIR) is a platform for the collection, analysis, and study of digital documents that support the four categories of bilateral institutions that exist between Mexico and the United States: agreements, organizations, dialogue mechanisms, and programs. 

The BIR is composed of digital files that record and summarize the data extracted from treaties, inter-institutional agreements, joint declarations, organizations, dialogue mechanisms, and programs. This data will be displayed on infographics, along with related links, relevant videos, podcasts, and interviews. 


The BIR is a digital tool that adds to the mission of the CBI to promote a better understanding of the bilateral institutions between Mexico and the United States. The BIR will make it possible to integrate and document the existing inputs that support the institutional relations between both countries, as well as give visibility to the existing collaboration categories. It is an open knowledge platform.

BIR Categories


That establish rules that help govern the binational relationship. 

Dialogue mechanisms

That facilitate dialogue among actors from both sides.


With a binational mission or scope.


Specifically devoted to addressing issues of binational interest.

Why a repository
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