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Bilateral XRay - Think Tanks Analysis


In an effort to better understand the public narrative around the U.S.-Mexico bilateral relation, Mexico based think tank: the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), and the U.S.-Mexico Foundation have joined forces to elaborate a monthly Think Tank Monitoring report.

The idea behind these series of documents is to monitor publications of the main think thanks and research centers in Mexico and in the United States; analyze the topics that are being discussed, and who is pushing said narrative. This will allow us to identify the information and topics that are important in the bilateral relationship within the research community.

The history of the Mexico-United States relationship is also written in the Think Tanks, since they help to build the long-term government agenda. Their active participation is crucial, particularly for in-depth analysis of political, economic and social issues.

Although the coverage and analysis of conjunctural events is a fundamental work of the Mexican, American and international Think Tanks, the publications and proposals on issues of long term impact are also of great relevance to lead to a stronger and cooperative bilateral relationship. To achieve this, the synergy between the think tanks and the governments of both countries must also be strengthened, so that the proposals result in the creation of public policies that benefit both countries and their population.

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