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The Future of the Mexico-United States Relations

On May 4th, 2021, Former Ambassadors of Mexico to the United States, Martha Bárcena Coqui (2019-2021) and Gerónimo Gutiérrez Fernández (2017-2018), and Former Ambassador of the United States to Mexico, Christopher Landau (2019-2021) discussed the key findings of the Convocation Report and issued some recommendations for the future of the United States-Mexico relations.

The main recommendations on the economy and trade were to regionalize value chains; improve binational communication and cooperation; improve international perceptions of Mexico through clear rules in order to attract investment and increase investor confidence, and create institutions dedicated to managing and regulating supply chains.

On security and rule of law, they recommended the launching of a dialogue mechanism similar to the High Level Economic Dialogue (HLED) that focuses on security; increasing cooperation and intelligence sharing, especially at the local level; increasing accountability; creating a substitute for the Merida Initiative based on the lessons learned from it; having Mexico nationals, who work on security, in the United States analyze organized crime dynamics; and improving the rule of law.

Regarding migration, their recommendations were to strengthen development programs and initiatives in Central America; reform the immigration law and improve the asylum-seeking process; explore a way in which migration strengthens and benefits both countries; each country does more on its respective side of the border; increase cooperation; E-verify systems across the United States; and make it easier to get work visas and punish the hiring of undocumented workers.

Several of the recommendations given by the Former Ambassadors relate to institutions, more specifically to programs and dialogue mechanisms. Strong institutions in the context of U.S. - Mexico relations are important because they bind both nations together, constrain conflict, facilitate political discourse, and strengthen the rule of law. The implementation of these punctual recommendations could set the way towards stronger, mutually beneficial relations between Mexico and the United States that will set a precedent for the next twenty years of the binational relationship.

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