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Second Seminar



“Institutions Work: The Role of Binational Institutions in the U.S.-Mexico Relationship”

The U.S. - Mexico binational relationship is subject to constant change, challenges, and even uncertainty, from the COVID pandemic to technological changes, or animosity among political leaders. In this environment, institutions today matter more than ever; they provide stability and perspective to the relationship and also help anchor expectations The panel “Institutions Work: The Role of Binational Institutions into Providing Stability and Predictability to the U.S. - Mexico Relationship” served as the CBI’s Second Annual Seminar where experts and practitioners provided an overview of bilateral institutions and an insight on future scenarios from their institutional perspective.


  • Dina Siegel, American Jewish Committee

  • Gaston Luken, Grupo Coppel

  • Calixto Mateos-Hanel, NAD Bank

  • Guillermo García Sánchez, Texas A&M / CBI



Relive the CBI First Annual Seminar and listen to expert opinions on the U.S. - Mexico relationship.

The CBI First Annual Seminar took place on September 30th, 2021. The mission of the CBI to promote a better understanding of the bilateral institutions between Mexico and the United States delivers on the recent debate and analysis on the importance of strong institutions for the bilateral relationship.  

During the seminar, 
 Gerónimo Gutiérrez  (CBI Senior Fellow), Cristina Martínez Pinto (CBI Program Lead) and Enrique Perret (U.S.- Mexico Foundation Director) presented the CBI's Framework. Followed by a research presentation on the Current Status of the U.S. - Mexico Interinstitutional Agreements by Guillermo García-Sánchez (CBI Non-Resident Fellow) and Julia Muzquiz (Texas A&M University School of Law, JD Candidate & Research Assistant).

Afterward, there were two expert led panels:

Panel 1: Why are institutions important in the US-MX binational relationship?
Moderator: Gerónimo Gutiérrez Fernández (CBI Senior Fellow)
- Rebecca Bell-Martin (School of Government and Public Transformation, ITESM)
- Tony Payan (Center for the United States and Mexico)
- Juan Carlos Barrón Pastor (Centro de Investigaciones sobre América del Norte)
- José Díaz-Briseño (Reforma’s MexicoToday) 

Panel 2: What is the current status of the Institutional Binational Architecture? 
Moderator: Enrique Perret (U.S.- Mexico Foundation Director)
- Kimberly Breier (Americas Program Center for Strategic & International Studies Senior Adviser)
- Jorge Chabat (Universidad de Guadalajara, Research Professor)
- Andrew Selee (Migration Policy Institute President)
- Jorge Schiavon (CIDE's Research Professor)

Roberto Velasco, (Chief Officer for North America at the Desk for North America) provided the closing remarks for the panels. And, to end the seminar, our sponsors' representatives, Gaston Luken (Coppel Group Institutional Relations Director) and Rodney MacDonald (Intuit, International Public Policy and Corporate Affairs) provided some final remarks. 


First Seminar
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