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Main Objectives

Binational Institutional


Serve as a digital repository of information on binational institutions.

Policy-oriented Reports

Produce policy-oriented reports on binational institutions. 

Annual Institutional


Annually evaluate the institutional framework of the bilateral relationship and prepare a scorecard periodically. 



Convene political leaders, the media and academia to participate in the work of the CBI. 

Conceptualization of Binational Institutions

Binational institutions provide the rules that shape, limit, and channel the binational behavior. We can think about binational institutions through four categories: agreements, organizations, dialogue mechanisms, and programs. All of these interactions take place between governments, the private sector, and civil society. 


That establish the rules by which the binational relationship is governed

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That facilitate dialogue among actors from both sides.

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With a binational mission or scope.

Tall Buildings



Specifically devoted to addressing issues of binational interest.

Business Meeting
Main Objectives

What we do

Over the course of the last decades, the ties between Mexico and the United States have become more interdependent, complex, and relevant for both nations. This has increased the reliance on institutions to maintain a stable, positive, and functional relationship. Recent analysis and debate on the U.S. – Mexico relations point to the importance of strengthening and updating bilateral institutions.  

The Center for Binational Institutions (CBI) was created to promote a better understanding and strengthening of the bilateral institutions. What distinguishes the CBI from other organizations and programs that focus on the U.S. - Mexico relationship is its analysis of binational issues through institutions like agreements, organizations, dialogue mechanisms, and programs.

What we do
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