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The Center for Binational Institutions' mission is to promote a better understanding of the bilateral institutions between Mexico and the United States.


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Mutual respect and recognition

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The Center recognizes cooperation as a tool to strengthen, share and accelerate the development of the bilateral relationship. It involves creating, adapting, transferring and sharing knowledge to improve the relationship.

The Center recognizes the right of both parties in the bilateral relationship to feel safe, heard and valued in the exchange. Both countries will be treated with respect and fairness.

The Center is committed to being open and transparent in sharing information, building excellence and sharing best practices.


An initiative by

the U.S - Mexico Foundation

The U.S. - Mexico Foundation is a binational nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering bilateral cooperation and understanding between the United States and Mexico. The organization began its operations in 2009 with seed funds from the David & Lucile Packard Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, and the Business Foundation in Mexico (Fundemex). Its vision is to be an effective bridge for greater understanding and binational cooperation and contributing to a better quality of life and social equity in Mexico. The U.S. - Mexico Foundation carries out its mission in two ways: by operating programs and promoting a constructive dialogue on key issues of binational interest.

About Our Sponsors


Coppel emerged as a nationwide department store in Mexico, characterized by providing easy credit and purchase payments through installments. Its mission is to bring its clients a world of possibilities to improve their lives. It contributes to social development through education, social welfare, and health projects. Coppel also promotes the U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship through the granting of credits to migrants in the U.S. and its active participation in the negotiation processes of both the North American Free Trade Agreement and the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Intuit is an American company that specializes in financial software. This company seeks to attract the best global talent, add partners to its global platform and create exceptional corporate citizenship. Intuit's mission is to drive prosperity around the world through job creation. Intuit seeks to achieve its mission by investing in people, strengthening communities, and offering everyone the opportunity to prosper. 

About Our Sponsors
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